subodhpokharel.com is authored by Dr.subodh kumar pokharel who practices medicine in specific fields of sexology,sexo-psychology & reproductive health for last 23 years.He is well known all over Nepal & adjacent parts of India.  He is also the executive chairman of MMAK & DHAREC group of health service. At present he is a member of the constituent assembly/Legislative parliament representing Forum (Democratic).

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello doctor !
    How are you?? I wanted to take an appointment with you but i could not find your availability like in which hospital should i contact to meet you !
    Thankyou !

    • यो बिषयमा नेपाल भित्रबाट ०१४२४०३८१ वा ९८४१४९११८६ र बिदेशवाट गर्दा ९७७१४२४०३८१ अथवा ९७७९८४१४९११८६ मा शनिबार बाहेक बिहान ९ बजेदेखि साँझ ७ बजेभित्र फोन गर्नु होला ।

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